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Trump vs. Clinton: Two Octobers’ scandals media coverage

There were two scandals in October that had a huge media coverage. We’ve decided to compare them by the following three parameters: total number of articles, number of articles citations and number of Facebook likes.

MacBook Pro launch media coverage

MacBook Pro launch has a massive media coverage. Let’s look at Top 10 articles with the biggest amount of citations by other media:

Trump vs. Clinton: Top 10 most cited articles

The US 2016 election campaign is for sure one of the most spectacular. To highlight one more interesting feature of this election we’ve analyzed the most cited articles about both candidates and here are...

Inside Elon Musk’s PR efficiency

Elon Musk’s projects are known for having a massive media coverage. Let’s look at the PR efficiency of his projects as it is always good to compare yourself with the best. We’ve decided to...

Trump vs. Clinton: Media reaction

One week later after the First presidential debate we have decided to analyze mass media by the amounts of negative mentions for both candidates. What is interesting is that some media features considerably higher amount...

Trump vs. Clinton: The Debate Winner

We’ve been waiting for yesterday’s debate to see if our previous forecast was right. To check our theory we analyzed more that 30K stories published after the debate.

Trump vs. Clinton: the Forecast

Like anybody else, we keep an eye on Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton presidency campaigns wondering who’s going to win in the end.