Mediametric is the easiest way to track performance of any contributor, article or media present on the web. Our system essentially tracks three content indexes:

  • Social (such as Facebook likes)
  • Citations (your exclusive story being referenced by other media)
  • Comments (users’ discussions of your articles

The system tracks over 700k media outlets and 3m articles on a daily basis and then using these metrics builds ratings of journalists and articles to determine the quality and outreach.

Therefore, you will be able to

  • check your standings in journalists’ ratings and compare your performance to other authors’ who cover the same topics as you
  • evaluate level of audience engagement generated by your articles through the amount of likes and comments they get
  • find out who is using your content and track all citations of your articles by other media
  • receive your daily performance statistics updates via e-mail

And the good news! You can try it all for free at mediametric.com