Inside Mediametric

Mediametric is a performance tracking system which monitors more than 3M articles, 700k media sources including all of the top Internet-based media outlets and news agencies daily, therefore allowing you to stay up-to-date with current trends.

It evaluates content quality by different criteria: total amount of articles, number of citations by other media, comments and Facebook likes.

How do these parameters evaluate articles quality?


When other media use your content in their publications, we call it citation. The amount of citations shows how exclusive is the information that is provided in the articles. When calculating citations, the system scans for direct links to the articles (Direct URL) and indirect mentions. It also prevents from illegal usage of content.




Comments show level of readers’ engagement and whether it reached the right audience.




This parameter helps to assess social engagement on Facebook. Social media users tend to see information posted by their friends as a much more trustworthy, honest, emotional and thus having a bigger value when compared to the publications in media.

We are also constantly providing Mediametric users with analytics and real time media an writers ratings that benefit them in their work. If you are interested, drop as a note at [email protected] describing what is that you’d like to receive for your future publications exactly.

If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned, please click on the link below for a free trial account